The City Centre Circle could run either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Some junctions may operate more smoothly if the rotation were clockwise,so the circle will be described in this direction.
(Safe unloading of passengers from one side of the vehicle can dictate the preferred direction of rotation in some public transport systems but this constraint does not apply here because the proposed trams have doors both sides)
How was the circular route chosen?

Starting from Kingsmead Square, the track climbs to Sawclose in front of the Theatre Royal and turns eastwards into Upper Borough Walls to a junction with the Lansdown route and the Larkhall - Batheaston - Bathford route.
Map of City Centre Circle
The circle route continues down Bridge Street and along Grand Parade, keeping close to the Empire Hotel to minimise the visibility of the overhead wire system. Skirting Orange Grove, it runs to Terrace Walk (Bog Island), where there is a junction for the University and the Bathampton services. The route then runs southwards down Pierrepoint Street and Manvers Street to Bath Spa Station. and the existing bus station.

From the station the route runs westwards along Dorchester Street; and the plans for a rebuilt Southgate make provision for its incorporation in the new development. The new bus station which is to be built between Dorchester Street and the river will be fully accessible from the tram route.
The routes to Combe Down and Oldfield Park join at this point as the route turns northwards towards Southgate.
The cul-de-sac Somerset Street beside the Forum provides a traffic-free route which can drop to the level of the Ambury car park, continuing via the present coach park and Avon Street to Kingsmead Square. Here the Weston, Newbridge and Twerton routes join the system through a triangular arrangement of tracks around Westgate Buildings.

All the major public transport interchanges are connected to this circular route and most of the streets of the City Centre are within an easy 250 metres walking distance.

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