The Oldfield Park and the Combe Down routes both leave the City Centre Circle at Dorchester Street . Both routes cross the river and diverge at the
old Wells Road junction, where special arrangements can be made for by-passing traffic queues.
The Oldfield Park route runs westwards along the middle of the Lower Bristol Road, where it turns south into Lower Oldfield Park. At this point it has to run under the G.W. Railway and the headroom is limited to 4 metres. (
Picture) This may necessitate the provision of special single-deck trams for this route if double-deckers are chosen as the standard type for all other routes. Alternatively, special low-height double deck trams could be supplied. The choice of this route, rather than the Lower Bristol Road/ Brougham Hayes route, gives access to more properties, especially in the Junction Road area and avoids a congested section of the Lower Bristol Road.

From the top of Brougham Hayes to Moorland Road, the line would be double track to prevent the possibility of a head-on collision in the multiple bends of Livingstone Road. At various other places along this mainly single-track route, double-track passing places would be provided and these would need to be controlled by a simple relay-operated signalling system. The route from Moorland Road continues up Herbert Road and Cynthia Road to Bridge Road.
Coronation Avenue is a problem at present because of the amount of road width taken up by parked vehicles. Most of the houses have vehicular back-access and little hardship would be created by parking restrictions.

Turning eastwards along Englishcombe Lane, the route then turns into Southdown Road, which avoids the 'tail-back' of vehicles from the Whiteway Road junction during rush-hours. The ample grass verges in Southdown Avenue would carry a single-line tramway through the housing estate, serving many properties.
Continuing along Mount Road, the track may terminate on a vacant area by 'The Beehive'. Alternatively it may be possible to continue it into the Whiteway Estate, but this might involve some demolition of properties, which is best avoided.

Upper Weston
Lansdown (P+R)
Newbridge (P+R)
Western Riverside
 City Centre Circle
( Lambridge P+R?)
Oldfield Park
Bear Flat
Odd Down (P+R)
Combe Down

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