The Bathampton and the University routes leave the City Centre Circle by North Parade and turn north along Pulteney Road. At the roundabout by St. Mary's church, they separate; the Bathampton route going straight on.


At the Holburne museum, there is a choice of routes. The fear of the overhead wires spoiling the famous view of the museum building from Great Pulteney Street is a natural reaction, but can be shown to be unfounded if lightweight wires are used on a sympathetically designed supporting system.

Originally it was planned to turn the tramway sharp right into Sydney Place and join the A36 from Sydney Road so as to avoid crossing the museum frontage. In fact this would be a very sharp turn which would require a substantial and very visible supporting structure for the overhead wire. It is now proposed to run straight across the front of the Holburne Museum towards Bathwick Street and then reach the A36 from Beckford Street.. The straight wire across the view will be virtually invisible.

The route continues along the A36, turning down Bathampton Lane and terminating at a convenient (as yet undecided) position in the village.

In the event of a new Park + Ride site being built in the Batheaston meadows, a branch from this route has been suggested as a possibility. Superficially it offers a cheap alignment across the river meadows, with direct fast access.

In practice it could involve demolition of part of Chatam Row (listed buildings), the cost of a new river bridge and the loss of revenue from residential use. Combining the P+R service with the London Road route to Batheaston is probably a better solution.

Upper Weston


Lansdown (P+R)




Newbridge (P+R)

Western Riverside

 City Centre Circle


( Lambridge P+R?)



Oldfield Park

Bear Flat





Odd Down (P+R)

Combe Down

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