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The chosen circular route which performs a vital link between all the tram services must be protected from being blocked by illegal parking and by legal delivery and collection.

The illegal parking on tram tracks is normally dealt-with by heavy penalties rigorously enforced. Unlike some of the current illegal parking in Bath, if this activity obstructs the main tram routes it will not go unnoticed. It is particularly important that adequate publicity is given to this, as motorists may not realise the widespread consequences of what they normally might regard as a harmless minor offence.

Deliveries and collections are the life-blood of the city centre. Every business premises must have provision for sufficient parking for normal supplies to be brought in. Fortunately, the existing situation has to some extent already selected in favour of smaller business in smaller streets. The delivery arrangements have already been addressed around much of the City Centre Circle.


Streets and buildings which have already been considered include:


 Current situation
 Action needed  Picture
(click to view)
 Pierrepont Street  Shops at NW end have delivery access from Terrace Walk and Orchard Street  No change  
Manvers Street

 Shops at SE end have back access.

Premises on W side have back access

 No change  
Bath Spa Station  Tram stop would be improved if taxi rank moved to S of station  This move is included in the Southgate plan  
Dorchester Street  No problems forseen  No change  
Southgate  No problems forseen
(may depend on development plans)
Ensure adequate provision retained in development plans   
Somerset Street  Restricted parking  Mark delivery bays on one side of road only.
Changes to street level necessary
Avon Street
 No problems forseen  No change  Picture
Avon Street
 Back access to shops on W side, road width allows deliveries to shops on E side  No change  Picture
Kingsmead Square  Existing delivery arrangements retained  No change  Picture
Sawclose  No problems forseen  No change  Picture
Mineral Water Hospital  Pavement length permits tram stop and ambulance unloading on S side of road  Build ambulance bay and tram stop  Picture
Upper Borough Walls  Existing delivery arrangements retained. (Parking bays and back access)  No change  Picture
 Northgate Street  Existing delivery arrangements retained  No change  
 Grand Parade  Back access to Empire Hotel and market No change   
 Terrace Walk
(Bog Island)
 Not affected by tramway  No change  



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