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Integration of public transport has recently become recognised as a key factor in encouraging more people to use it.
Different means of transport work best for different parts of a journey but the interchange between them must be no deterrent to the passenger, and all the links of the chain must be working.


Each proposed tram service will integrate with the following other modes

    The City Centre Circle allows easy interchange from one tram service to another, thus increasing the number of potential destinations easily available from each tram stop. Tram tickets must be valid for a the whole journey.
    A six to seven minute peak service should make the provision of tram stop information unnecessary -
    If you can't see the tram you have just missed, you should be seeing the one you can catch before you have time to read the timetable.
  • BUS
    Buses which circulate in the suburbs will not need to become involved in city centre congestion, they can deliver their passengers to the nearest tram stop. The frequent tram service means the minimum waiting time and it may even be possible to synchronise the arrivals of the buses and trams in the same way as is done in Germany.
    A through ticket, with suitable apportioning of the fare, should be available. Co-operation will benefit both the bus and the tram companies.
    Through-ticketing is of less importance with train-tram interchange but running a service which allows passengers to get to and from the railway station at most hours of the day and night is vitally important. Although late-night tram services may not, in themselves, be profitable, they will encourage passengers to use them for the return journey which will make for increased profitability for the operator and a feeling of greater reliability for the passenger.
    By giving a fast and frequent service to the P+R sites during long operating hours, the tramway will encourage better use of these sites. The integration of tram services throughout the city with easy interchange will allow drivers who may not be just going to the city centre to make use of P+R.
    The City Centre Circle connects the Coach Park at Avon Street with all parts of the city. Operating hours are important with coaches in the same way as with trains.

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