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In a well organised public transport system, tramway signals are usually arranged to give priority to trams at junctions.

A reasonable degree of priority would be given by the arrangement shown below.

Click Here for an animated version of this diagram


 The tram tracks approach the junction from each direction in the centre of the road.

Both road and tram trafic is halted initially, to allow vehicles to leave the side road.


 The tram signals indicate 'proceed' with a signal which cannot be misconstrued by road traffic.

The trams cross safely in front of the waiting traffic and do not have to wait in the queue.

   Once the trams are under way, the road traffic is allowed to proceed across the junction or turn into the side road. The tram signals promptly revert to STOP so as to prevent any other trams which may arrive, from attempting to cross the junction while other traffic is turning.

If a higher degree of priority were required, an approaching tram would be sensed electronically and would automatically set the signals in its favour

There is an excellent article on tramway signals and much more information on the Unofficial Croydon Tramlink site

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