Midlands Metro

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Midlands Metro terminus at Wolverhampton
Note tactile map to assist people with impaired vision

 Midlands Metro terminus at Snow Hill
With escalator up to street level


On board a tram
This was taken from the high floor section and shows the extent of the low-floor area


 Tram driver

Cyclist at tram stop
There are cycle racks at all tramstops

Cycle racks guarded by security camera
Midlands Metro


 Part of 'scissors' crossing at Wolverhampton terminus


 Manual track cleaning at Wolverhampton terminus

 Plastic pole cap at Snow Hill terminus

Tramway and Cycle track sharing old railway cutting
Note the lift and ramp structure for easy access from street above


Cycle and pedestrian crossing on reserved tramway


Platform ramp giving level access

Level access vestibule

Pushchair - level boarding


Reserved area for pushchairs


Emergency panel - adult height

Emergency panel - low height

Invalid carriage parked on platform,
viewed from reserved space inside tram


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