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Write to 'Trams for Bath' at the current contact address, giving your own name and address and requesting an application form.



Use the 'PRINT' command to print out this page, complete the form below and send it to:-

TfB Membership Secretary,
Bob Scott,
36, Milton Avenue,

I / We wish to apply for membership of the 'Trams for Bath' group and enclose / attach payment at the current subscription rate:
The current annual subscription fee is: £10-00
(Cheques payable to "Trams for Bath")
Membership type: Individual / Family

Data Protection Act: The Society maintains a computer-based list of membership for postal and administrative purposes of the Society alone. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act, whilst avoiding a considerable registration fee, the permission of each individual member must be obtained. Every reasonable precaution will be taken to keep the contents of the database confidential, it will only be accessible to designated officers of the Society. The database will be held on a computer located at the premises of the Secretary of the Society and any member wishing to have access to his / her own data will be provided with a printed copy upon request to the Secretary.


I agree to my membership details being held on the Society's computer database subject to the conditions above:

Signature: ------------------------------------------

Please print your name and your postal and e-mail addresses below or overleaf