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Once the basic vehicle technology is decided, the actual appearance can be customised, within certain limits, to suit the intended application.
original Bath tram fleet comprised single[98kb] and double-decked[98kb] vehicles

Replicas[98kb] of the old trams for present day tourist services are one of the possibilities under consideration. A modern double-decker [90kb] is another possibility.

The design of trams continued to keep up with the times, although neither Bath nor Bristol saw any of the newer vehicles. By the 1930s, high standards of comfort were obtained and some post-war vehicles [98kb] would not look at all out-of-place in Bath today.

Most modern continental-designed[65kb] vehicles would be too big for Bath, but a lighter weight design, the Pullman T.P.L.,[117kb] 'TRAM' which incorporates many modern technological advances, has been on trial in Blackpool. A variant of this vehicle would be a very suitable choice for Bath; the standard size having already been proposed for Bristol and Edinburgh.

Full details of the Pullman 'TRAM' vehicle


Advertising is a useful source of revenue but many people object to trams painted in 'overall' advertisments . [150kb]

Pros and cons of advertising

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