The Hyder Report



Council Officers

4.1 Meetings have been held with officers from Bath and North-East Somerset Council during the course of the commission.


Public Transport Operators

4.2 Discussions have been held with Badgerline, the main bus operator in Bath as part of the consultation and information gathering process for the review. Their view is that the volume of travel in Bath is unlikely to justify a tram system, and recommend consideration of wire-guided bus.



4.3 Liaison with the consultants responsible for the multi-modal model and the transport assessment of the Western Riverside development proposal was undertaken to establish the latest position with respect to these initiatives.


Trams for Bath Group

Contact has been made with the TfB Group during the commission.


South West Regional Development Agency

The South West Regional Development Agency was consulted with regard to public transport provision in the Western Riverside Development. Their view is that high quality public transport is essential, and they have reserved a corridor within the proposed development specifically for public transport.


Further Discussions

4.6 A discussion workshop to discuss the findings of this review and to assist the Council in formulating a view on the best way forward is likely to be beneficial to co-ordinate the considerable efforts of the TfB Group and other current studies and initiatives in the City.

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